Data Server Relocation by Professional Movers

ROYAL INTERNATIONAL DATA CENTRE MIGRATIONS is a division of Royal International Worldwide Relocations. It is committed to provide best quality services in DC Migrations. Whether you are moving all or just a portion of your data center, the Royal International Data Center Migration Service can mitigate risks and complexities, enabling a successful migration. A successful migration meets your strategic objectives within budget and on time and maximizes the value and return on investment of your new data center.

Now Royal DC Migrations is providing consistent quality service throughout its worldwide network, the group will continue to keep the "Royal” moving forward Now Royal International is providing fully insured Data Centre Migration solutions with full technical support.

Introduction to Data Centre Migration

Moving a data center is no small task. The data center is the heart of your enterprise, a complex, interconnected array of equipment, software and data that drives your business and powers every aspect of your operations. Yet change is inevitable, and as your business grows, you may find there are mission-critical reasons that is why such a move makes sense.

A data center migration is one of the most critical and difficult tasks a company can undertake. To make your move go as smoothly and efficiently as possible, it’s important to identify and involve all the different stakeholders in the process, including IT engineers, Third party Venders and Migration Specialists.

Royal International offers Data Center Migration services to many companies in the IT Sector, Banks, DC providers and MNCs. We are well equipped and experienced to handle high valued equipments both, Live and Demo Servers, Storage racks, Disk arrays or Routers and Switches etc., Our professional staff is well trained in handling these with utmost care with state of the art technology .We have suitable state of the art infrastructure to handle them and reach the destination without any risks. We use various vehicles depending upon the need to move the equipments using pallet trucks, high boom hydraulic cranes and suitable containers, etc. Our specialty is in the Handling of Heavy and sensitive equipment’s like EMC, Hitachi,HP,Netapp,IBM storages, Tape libraries and Super domes.

What are the top features of Server Movers

Server movers are specialized team of professional movers and server technicians, handling complete server relocation from dis-assembling to reassembling data storages. It's required to be technically sound as a server mover, because data is important and should be done with ultimate care by professional hands.

  • Large enough Team of experienced server movers
  • Industry standard professional packing system
  • Specialized equipments and trucks for careful server relocation
  • Transparent pricing system for migration of storages
  • Knowledge of all storage types like server, tape library, Netapp storages.

Hire Storage Migration Specialists

Some companies choose a do-it-yourself approach to relocation . However, because data center relocations are infrequent events for most companies, few possess the expertise and recent knowledge of common pitfalls, best practices and proven methodologies to execute relocation smoothly and effectively . A haphazardly planned and executed move can cause delays and disruptions that can be disastrous to your business.

Planning a data center migration is a difficult, time-consuming and complex task . Most companies do not have the in-house expertise to plan for all the details involved. Our data center relocation experts will manage all aspects of your move, from creating an inventory, migration planning, budgeting your move, providing skilled manpower, dismantling and assembling of equipment’s, specialized packing, transport, insurance, etc . an end-to-end relocation execution, to ensure you achieve a successful, incident-free move.

Whatever reason is driving you to relocate, it is critical that the move be accomplished with minimal risk, disruption or downtime . While it may be tempting to save costs with a do-it-yourself approach, hiring a professional relocation specialist is the smart move for several reasons:

  1. Experience and expertise : Data center relocations are infrequent events for most companies, which mean most companies have no incentive to hire and train staff members to plan, manage and execute relocation. Even experienced IT professionals have more questions than answers. A trained relocation specialist has the experience and expertise to execute your move safely and efficiently.
  2. Best practices : Because data center migration occur infrequently, companies also lack the recent knowledge of what works and what doesn’t . A relocation specialist has the experience that can only be gained through dozens of moves, and can bring proven methodologies and best practices to bear on your relocation.
  3. Resources : The typical IT department already has a long list of strategic objectives that must be accomplished, as well as an entire company full of individuals—all with their own business goals—to support. Asking the IT department to take on the burden of a data center move is likely to delay and disrupt these initiatives as IT is forced to re-prioritize. Even it’s difficult for an IT department to carry out the requirements like dismantling and assembling of equipments, packing requirements and transportation.
  4. Integration : A data center migration is not just about your technology infrastructure . It affects your entire business, from IT to facilities to your core business operations . Rather than considering only one or two of these perspectives, a relocation specialist brings a 360 degree view of your business to the process.

Tech Support for DC Server Relocation

Comparing to others in Industry one of our main specialty is, We have well trained and qualified engineers in our team to give support for Mounting / Unmounting / Cabling / Connectivity Testing / Migration Inventory Management / Documentation etc . At Royal, we offer our clients a complete Migration project management support for their Migration Related requirements . Royal's Migration Teams always executing a DC Migration in their well-maintained procedures and tools.

How to do perfect Migration of Storages

As you know relocation of storages require special skills and packing and moving method than regular office shifting, or other equipment shifting. There are some key points to consider when moving your data storages.

  • Backup your important data in compressed format.
  • Check server and database for any error, test it twice.
  • Shutdown your server properly
  • Pack with safety, and proper packing materials
  • Loading and unloading with care
  • Check transportation vehicle and place it tight, avoid shaking boxes

Packing and Logistic Support for Server and Other IT Devices

Royal Team is well experienced to Handle your high valued equipments-like the Live / Demo servers, storage racks, disk arrays or routers & switches . Our trained Logistics Team using effective methods to Pack the same in High Secure way using state of the art packing materials . And Royal Having various types of containerized vehicles to Move the same with advanced loading / unloading equipment's.

Packing Method

For Packing Royal International uses different specialized materials like(1U / 2U / 4U/ 6U / 8U / 10U) Server Carton Boxes or Ply Wood Boxes ( 7 Ply ) , 25 MM and 5 MM Poly Urethane Form, Air Bubble Sheets, Corrugated sheets, Silica Gels ( for Moisture Prevention inside package ) and Brown Masking tapes and Fragile Tapes . This type of effective packing methods and standard packing materials ensure that the materials can move easily without any type of damages.

Why Royal International

  • High Quality Migration Service
  • Expertise in all Servers/Switches/Storage, etc.,
  • Well trained Engineers and Packers
  • Best quality Packing Materials.
  • Systematic Migration Planning
  • Containerized trucks with tracking systems
  • Advanced moving equipments

A data center is termed as the heart of any organization and its migration is such a critical effort that no flaw or delay should happen during the process. Every migration will have a specified time line as the organization cannot survive without the support of a data center even for an hour.

As mentioned a survey is conducted to assess the inventory and the risks involved in moving huge loaded racks, ups, precision aces etc. A detailed study of origin and destination sites are done and assessed the dependencies and discussed these with the customer IT team. Get details of down time for each migration and plan accordingly. As royal is best known as server movers due to our expertise in migration from the point of shut down to power on. These processes are met with extra caution and always a backup resources are provided for any emergencies. Moreover we at royal have state of the art technology, equipment’s and specially designed omen type packing material, vehicles with air suspension and GPS systems.

A successful Data Center Migration requires careful planning and, above all, experience to execute successfully. Royal International has expertise in executing the migration. Our Team is well versed in all the activities involved in for a successful Data Centre Migration.

The time and money you’ll save, and the peace of mind you’ll gain by knowing your move is in the hands of an expert.

Royal international server movers are well known for relocation of storages, relocation of tape library, moving of netapp storages, and any kind of server relocation.

Service Features
  • Pre-Move Survey By Experts
  • Top Quality Packaging Materials
  • Long Distance Moving with Care
  • Most Accurate Charges Estimate
  • Ultimate Damage Proof Process
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